Snow, bright pops of red, and a gorgeous family? This Teton family photos had all the right stuff for a fantastic session. We couldn't have had a better day in the snow; I loved getting to spend some time in the mountains capturing the natural beauty of Teton National Park in the background.

I love getting the chance to work with large families (with older kids). There is something so special about their big personalities, and these photos were so fun to take because everybody was just having a good time. It translates to the final product, no? There is something so striking in how their clothing pops against the snowy white landscape. It's so rich and dramatic.

I love the boys' pictures running and playing in the snow, because sessions shouldn't be all business. We were able to snag some romanticly beautiful shots as well as some classic family photos, and before we knew it, the session was over!

Teton National Park and Jackson Hole are the Perfect Backgrounds

As a Teton's family photographer, I love the chance to make memories that will be treasured through the years by many. The best part? Fantastic sessions do not have to take hours, and we can snap great pictures in enough time that the kids don't get bored!

Are you planning a trip to Teton National Park or Jackson Hole? Consider hiring a photographer to capture your family in the beauty of the Tetons. The best part? It doesn't have to take too much time away from your family vacation, and still, these pictures will be the ones you want to hang on your walls and see every day. Want to learn more about my Teton and Jackson Hole family photography sessions? Send me an email, and let's start creating the session of your dreams!

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