Traditions are so important, aren’t they? They help to bond people and give them something meaningful to distinguish them from others. I especially love cute family traditions that help to set a family apart from others and that is why I loved that the Torgersons have a tradition of coming to the Grand Teton National Park and taking a photograph every time they do. No better place to base a tradition in, right?

The Torgersons have four lovely children, each of whom was an absolute pleasure to talk to and had their own distinct interests. I always love meeting big families, especially when they support and uplift each other, and you could tell that the Torgersons definitely do. Even their photographs show that they do, especially in the one in which the eldest daughter is picking up the youngest because that shows the strength of their sisterly bond, regardless of the huge age difference between them.

My favorite photo from this session is, without a doubt, the one in which the Torgersons are walking along, holding hands, and acting goofy. I think it really highlights the kind of fun-loving, adventurous family they are, and who doesn’t love that, right? It also shows how close they are to one another and that is rare to see in such a big family. My time with the Torgersons was definitely time well-spent and they even made me miss my own family!

Capturing Moments in the Teton National Park

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