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The Walton’s Family Portraits | Jackson Hole

August 6, 2021

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I have lived across the country and around the world, but the Grand Teton area has captured my heart.
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There is no greater love than the love one has for their family, and when working with the Walton family, this was evident in person and through the photographs we took that day. What I love about the creative process when working with families is that I get to tell their stories in a way that words alone cannot always describe.

This family session took place surrounded by the beautiful Wyoming mountains. The soft light and greenery in the background contrasted perfectly with everyone’s attire. In the end, their genuine expressions showed how much they care for one another.

It was a special moment because I was capturing for three generations. Taylor initially approached me because she and her siblings wanted to create more memories, especially for their mother as a Mother’s day gift. With grandchildren in the picture and another one on the way, this was the perfect time to celebrate new beginnings.

Looking for the Perfect Backdrop? Then the Grand Tetons is the Place for You

Photos are stories that become a part of our legacy. We tend to hold them close and pass them down to our loved ones. They are a gift when you share these visual moments, details, places, and people, so that they too can feel that glimpse of joy when reflecting on those times. And because time moves so quickly, I want to be able to help document these treasured moments. If you are interested in my services, do not hesitate to contact me.

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