The serenity of the Grand Teton National Park, with its dense spattering of coniferous trees and the stark peaks rising up in the distance, gives way to create the perfect woodland engagement session. It is here that I chose to capture the magic between Samantha and Joey, a newly-engaged couple, as they gazed into each other’s eyes against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Getting to work with couples, especially recently engaged ones, fills me with honor because it always feels as though I’ve been selected to witness these private moments between two people who sincerely love each other. Even in their smallest interactions — walking, twirling and holding each other — Samantha and Joey’s love spoke volumes and their photos were able to reflect that.

I especially love the picture in which Joey dips Samantha as they’re dancing and she throws her head back, fully confident in the fact that he won’t let go. There’s something so special about knowing that there’s always someone there to catch you when you fall, isn’t there? Each couple and the love between them translates differently. And working with the Samantha and Joey, with their easy grace and familiarity with each other, struck me into quiet awe over the power of comfort in love. With these two, I didn’t even have to work hard to create the perfect moments — I just snapped away as they candidly interacted.

Grand Teton National Park Engagement Photos Offer Unparalleled Beauty

If you’re a couple looking for a seasoned engagement photographer to capture the spark between you two, you can contact me to take photos of you against the surreal backdrop of the Tetons. Each photoshoot is an experience in and of itself and it will give you memories that you can hang up on your walls and cherish forever. 

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