Gorgeously lush green and blue scenery, stunning accents of teal, and a family full of joy - the Lees came to their session ready to shine in their Teton Family Portrait session. Our day at the river and historic barn in Jackson Hole was a wonderful reminder of how much beauty is within reach at Teton National Park and it provided the perfect setting for this family’s long-awaited portrait session. 

Since this was their first big trip since the pandemic, we wanted to take full advantage of the outdoors - and you can see the joy coming through in each photo. They were so happy to be spending time together, and this can be seen in some sweet moments between each of them. I knew the river at Schwabacher Landing would provide the perfect backdrop. The reflections in the river and the misty mountains gave the whole session a truly magical quality. 

The golden grass and warm tones of the barn at Mormon Row also give the portraits a naturally rustic but dramatic feel. This session was a great way to capture their joy in being in the great outdoors of the park and will be a source of beautiful memories for years to come.

As a Teton family photographer, I love the chance to record memories that will be treasured through the years. Printed portraits are available and make great gifts and decor for your home or workspace.

Part of capturing your family in their element is creating an experience where everyone can settle in and be themselves. I’ve found the sweet spot is at just about two hours, but there is no fixed commitment of time. 


Are you planning a trip to Teton National Park or Jackson Hole? Consider hiring a photographer to capture your family in the beauty of the Tetons. Want to learn more about my Teton and Jackson Hole family photography sessions? Contact me, and let’s start creating the session of your dreams!

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