Serah and Casey Reed were engaged 11 years ago in the Grand Tetons, and made sure to schedule a family session to mark their return - this time with their daughter! The beautiful landscape provided a perfect backdrop for their cozy, fall-inspired session. What a lovely way to keep making memories.

The Reed family had a wonderful dynamic, and it was so fun to capture their enjoyment of the park and each other in these beautiful portraits. The trees and river provide a dense green background, and their plaid and blue color pallet pop wonderfully against the golden grasses.

Sierra, their daughter, was initially reserved, but you can see her silly side coming out as we continued the session. By the time we moved over to Mormon Row, she loved being out in the wilds, and had so much fun exploring a place that held such meaning for her parents. This family was so comfortable and happy being with each other, and it definitely shows! Their portraits will be a beautiful commemoration of their time spent in the park.


As a Teton family photographer, I love the chance to record memories that will be treasured through the years. Printed portraits make great gifts and decor for your home or workspace.
Part of capturing your family in their element is creating an experience where everyone can settle in and be themselves. I’ve found the sweet spot is at just about two hours, but there is no fixed commitment of time.
Are you planning a trip to Teton National Park or Jackson Hole? Consider hiring a photographer to capture your family in the beauty of the Tetons. Want to learn more about my Teton and Jackson Hole family photography sessions? Contact me, and let’s start creating the session of your dreams!

Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons
Grand Tetons

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