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DeJonge Family Session | Mormon Row

June 13, 2022

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I have lived across the country and around the world, but the Grand Teton area has captured my heart. Here you can breathe freely, here you can live openly, here you can love fiercely.
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Recently, I had the pleasure of heading down to the Grand Teton National Park and doing a photoshoot for the lovely DeJonge family, which consisted of Joy, Andrew, their three children, and Joy’s mother Eileen. It was certainly a day to remember, with the kids running around and playing with each other all day long and, boy, were they the most adorable bunch I’ve ever seen!

The DeJonge family lives on a 5-acre land with lots of animals, from cats and dogs to chickens, and indulge in many outdoor activities like boating and fishing. That’s why I think they really loved being in the Tetons. With its vast lakes and greenery, they felt right at home and didn’t waste a second to start exploring the land! What I really loved about them was how tight-knit they were — it wasn’t just the love between Joy and Andrew, but the fun, easy-going relationship between Andrew and his mother-in-law that really struck me. 

My favorite part about this session was, hands down, the kids! With each one sporting blond hair and blue eyes, they looked like carbon copies of each other — and acted like it too! When they saw the Pikas (ground squirrels) in the park, they chased after them with one mind and spent the whole day having fun together. It was hard not to spend the whole day ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over them!

Looking for the Perfect Backdrop? Then the Grand Tetons is the Place for You

If you want to capture some beautiful moments under the sun with your loved ones by your side, what better way to do it than to head down to the picturesque Tetons and spend a whole day together? The best part is, you can even get your pictures printed out to put up around your house and cherish forever. Contact me now and we can start planning your next adventure!

DeJonge Family Portrait Photoshoot Mormon Row
DeJonge Mother and Children Outdoor Photoshoot Mormon Row

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