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The Inmon Family Winter Portrait Session | Taggart Lake Trailhead

November 14, 2022

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As the frosty winter months approach, I like to dig up memories from past family winter portrait sessions to remind me of how they have a special breathtaking quality to them while simultaneously getting the motivation to trudge up to the winter wonderland of the Grand Teton National Park. One of my favorite sessions from last year was spent with the Inmon family, a ragtag gang of eight who came down to the Tetons to celebrate the Christmas holidays and ski.

The Inmons were a delightful family – they are a blended household with three children on the mom’s side and three on the dad’s, but there’s no love lost for it! Everyone was milling about and chattering, making the best of their vacation together. They explicitly mentioned that they were coming down to the Tetons to spend time together and wanted to have winter portrait sessions so that they could remember this time and update their wall portraits with the entire family – and that’s where I came in!

One thing that I loved about the Inmons was that they dressed for the task. Most of them were wearing dark colors that provided a wonderful contrast to the dense layering of snow all around, while some were wearing pearly white sweaters which gave an effortlessly chic yet comfy look. That is why I adore the picture of all of them standing together and posing for the camera because they present a very united (and stylish!) front.

Capturing Holiday Memories in Grand Teton National Park

If you, too, want to make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones, head on down to the Tetons these winter holidays and spend your time playing around in the snow while doing a fun winter portrait session! You only need to contact me, and we can start making arrangements for everything to be perfectly planned out by the time you get here. I can also offer prints so you can hang them up on your walls forever!

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