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Capturing Timeless Memories | The Hillegass Portraits at Mormon Row 

April 8, 2024

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I have lived across the country and around the world, but the Grand Teton area has captured my heart. Here you can breathe freely, here you can live openly, here you can love fiercely.
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In the heart of the stunning Grand Teton National Park lies the enchanting treasure of Mormon Row. Against the backdrop of majestic mountains and sprawling fields, the Hillegass family of five embarked on a journey to capture the essence of their bond amidst the breathtaking scenery of one of America’s most iconic landscapes. 

Tiffany and Patrick watched with adoration as their three children explored, climbed, and reveled in the beauty surrounding them. In every interaction, it was evident just how close-knit this family truly is – a bond forged through shared experiences and unconditional love.

As the sun dipped low on the horizon, casting a golden hue over the landscape, it was my honor to capture moments of spontaneous laughter and uninhibited joy. Against the backdrop of weathered barns and rolling fields, their children’s wild spirits were unleashed, their carefree energy illuminating the scene like stars in the night sky.

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