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Fall Activities in Jackson Hole

August 3, 2022

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If you’re yearning to get a taste of the Tetons this 2022 but aren’t really sure what activities to do in Jackson Hole, you don’t need to worry – here is your guide to all the best fall activities in the area! Even if you’re still unsure of where you want to go on vacation this year, let this guide convince you of all that Jackson Hole has to offer in September. I can personally testify to the fact that Jackson Hole in the fall is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Of course, every vacation requires a little bit of preparation beforehand to ensure that you can make the most out of the place you’re visiting. Given the immense horde of activities that Jackson Hole has to offer, you might wind up getting confused. With this guide by your side, however, you can create your very own Jackson Hole fall itinerary containing everything you want to do and be fully prepared heading into your vacation.  

  1. Camping
view of mountain activities

For those of you who love to be immersed in nature, camping is a fantastic way to get a real taste of the Tetons, with nothing surrounding you but the great big unknown and the stars in the night sky. There are many campgrounds located throughout the park but make sure to reserve a spot before heading down because they tend to fill up fast!

  1. Listen to Elk Bugling
elk activities

The elk mating season in the fall brings with it some of the eeriest sounds nature has to offer – bugling. While the male elk is searching for its mate, it emits a bugle, which is a mix between a bellow and a squeal. The elk mating season lasts from September to the end of October, so plan your trip accordingly.  

  1. Hiking
hiking trail activities

For those who like to stay on the move, Jackson Hole in September offers some of the most stunning fall foliage to take a lovely and refreshing hike along one of the countless trails located in the park. You may even get a glimpse or two of some exotic animal foraging around in the wilderness!

  1. Biking (or fat tire biking!)
bking activity in jackson hole

Another one for the adventure lovers – Jackson Hole offers wonderfully paved roads for biking. Its cross-country biking trail system extends across the valley and is home to over 115 miles of mountain biking trails.

Of course, you can also try the newest trend in town – fat tire biking! Fat tire bikes are bikes meant for off-roading fitted with oversized tires to allow for biking in snow packed trails. With the fall season witnessing a good amount of snowfall in Jackson Hole, fat tire biking becomes more and more popular amongst locals and tourists alike!

  1. Fall Arts Festival
jackson hole arts festival acution activities

Every September, the Fall Arts Festival is hosted in Jackson Hole and all the local galleries and venues in the area come together to host over 50 events in just 12 short days! These events feature a mix of Western, landscape, and wildlife artists. Just recently, the festival was named as the “Best Western Art Destination” for 2022 so you don’t want to miss out on the Fall Arts Festival 2022!

  1. Horseback riding

One popular activity in Jackson Hole is to take horseback rides in the Grand Teton National Park to witness the beauty of the surroundings atop a majestic horse. You can find several agencies that provide 1- or 2-hour tours along some of the most scenic routes in the park.

  1. Hunting
hunting activities

Jackson Hole is known to offer some of the finest big game hunting in the country, with its rich variety of deer, moose, black bear, bison, antelope, and elk populations. The arrival of fall brings with it the hunting season in Jackson Hole and many resorts open up to provide hunting tours.

  1. Rafting

Given the abundance of rivers and lakes in the region, it’s not surprising that rafting tends to be on the top of people’s Jackson Hole fall itinerary. The fall season offers visitors a final chance to get in some fun with the family before many of the rafting companies close for the season in mid-September and the frosty winter sets in shortly after. Snake River is a particularly popular destination given its unparalleled beauty and many tour companies provide whitewater rafting and float trips here.

  1. Take a drive
scenic drive activties

While this may not sound like the most exciting item on the list, taking a drive through Jackson Hole is undeniably one of the most breathtaking and unforgettable car rides you will ever take. There’s just something about zipping through the mountains with the wind rushing through your hair that feels exhilarating. Grand Teton National Park alone has a 42-mile scenic loop of breathtaking views.

  1. Wildlife tour

Another unique experience that you’ll want to witness in Jackson Hole is one of the wildlife tours offered in the area. These tours take you up-close-and-personal to the flora and fauna of the region and allow tourists to witness bears, deer, elk, wolves, and countless other animals in their habitats. Fall is the best time to take one of these tours, before the wildlife starts hibernating. One helpful tip is to schedule this tour at the beginning of your time in Jackson Hole so that you can make good use of your understanding about the geology and ecology of the terrain throughout the rest of your trip.

  1. Visit Jenny Lake

Although visiting a lake may not seem like the most exciting thing, Jenny Lake deserves to be put on this list for its sheer beauty and centrality to the Grand Teton National Park. Every year, hordes of tourists flock to the lake and the fall season offers one of the best experiences of the lake due to the changing foliage. The area also has many activities to do in and around the lake – boating, hiking, and camping, to name a few.

  1. Fly fishing

Fishing is actually a vital activity to the economy of Jackson Hole and an authentic experience in the area can’t go without some good old fly fishing! The numerous lakes and creeks give an ideal setting for a serene trip out on the fishing boat.

  1. Chair lifts & tram ride

If you enjoy being up in the mountains, the chair lifts or aerial tram rides in Jackson Hole are certainly something you should consider. The aerial tram takes passengers up over 4,100 feet to give them unparalleled views of the Tetons. With the chair lift, you can go up to the summit of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and even stop by Top of the world Waffles to eat waffles at 10,450′ elevation!

  1. Paragliding

For lovers of the extreme and exhilarating, you can soar through the air for a real taste of the Tetons. The paragliding tours typically start from the top of Bridger Gondola and last for 15 to 20 minutes with a pilot to guide you through it.

  1. National Museum of Wildlife Art

For lovers of wildlife and art, head down to the National Museum of Wildlife Art to experience the only museum in the world dedicated entirely to the appreciation of wildlife in art. A trip to this museum also helps visitors to gain an understanding of the local wildlife for the remainder of their visit and to fully immerse themselves in the Jackson Hole experience.  

  1. Play some golf!

The diversity of activities in Jackson Hole is mind-boggling at times, but if you do want to play some golf, you can head to Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis, ranked as one of the best courses in the state, or Teton Pines.

  1. Theater

If you happen to be yearning for a taste of the arts during your time in the Tetons, you can also opt to go to the theater in the local Center for the Arts where shows are organized year-round by the Off Square Theatre Company.

  1. Drinks at Jackson Lake Lodge

Finally, once you’re done checking off every activity on your Jackson Hole fall itinerary, you can head to the popular Jackson Lake Lodge to grab a hot drink, kick up your feet, and observe some spectacular views. The Blue Heron Lounge of the lodge is particularly renowned for its view of the sunset in the Tetons and was even voted “Best watering hole – human division” by the National Park Foundation!

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